Control & Automation

We are an engineering, design and consultancy company, providing independent control and automation solutions and commissioning services.

The scope of our control and automation solutions encompasses conceptual design, engineering, application engineering, procurement, system integration, testing, commissioning and training. We offer solutions varying from FEED studies and instrument selection and specification, to more complex distributed control system solutions.

Our engineers leverage broad and industry-specific expertise to conceptualize, design, implement, deploy and maintain integrated control solutions. Onacom engineers have accumulated many years of experience across diverse applications.

Control System

Control Systems

The ever changing industry trends and increasing challenges make it mandatory for you to have precise and complete control over your plant and its processes. Our vendor-independent approach allows us to provide an unbiased selection of the right controls for your process.

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We offer various products and services:

  • Control system design and configuration: ABB Advant, ABB 800M, Emerson DeltaV, GEFanuc, Rockwell Trusted TMR etc.
  • Application software development and PLC programming
  • Deployment and commissioning
  • Control system migration services
  • ICSS upgrades
  • Systems integration
  • SCADA HMI: iFix, Panorama etc.
  • Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) - for remote monitoring
  • Advanced process control
  • Safety control systems
  • Training

Our control system training portfolio is focused on helping our customers develop a workforce that is versed in the operation and philosophy of any control system to ultimately improve production. We can assist to identify skill gaps and improve job performance and productivity. We can help you bring together all the pieces of operational information into a comprehensive workforce training solution.

Alarm Management for Compliance

Alarm management is an integral part of proper plant maintenance. Alarm management is necessary in a process environment that is controlled by an operator using a control system.

Alarm Management

The alarm system plays a part in underpinning plant safety by lowering the demand rate on the shutdown system.

A good alarm philosophy is the critical success factor for alarm improvements and should define how alarms are specified and managed within an alarm system. The alarm system plays a part in underpinning plant safety by lowering the demand rate on the shutdown system. The objective of an alarm system is to optimize to production efficiency and are essential for managing and controlling process safety incidents, but are often not effective due to alarm flooding or inadequate response to alarms.

Our effective alarm management process involves:

  • Prioritisation of alarms
  • Management of nuisance alarms
  • Monitoring alarm system effectiveness
  • Ensuring correct operator training and response
  • Assessing Human factors in the control room

Onacom has vast experience of helping operators to improve their performance in all of these areas.

Our offerings cover the following areas:

  • Alarm management philosophy development
  • Alarm documentation and rationalization
  • Alarm audit and enforcement
  • Real-time alarm management
  • Alarm system control and maintenance
  • Data collection and benchmarking

Instrumentation is at the heart of measurement and control of process variables within a production environment. The instrumented system and ancillaries' specification, operation and maintenance are dependent upon a diverse range of criteria from process, chemistry and metallurgy through to criticality and response times.

We offer engineering and instrumentation design services to meet the varying requirements of our customers. We offer solutions varying from FEED studies to instrument selection and specification and installation.

Our services include:

  • Front End Engineering Design and concept studies
  • Project management
  • Operations support
  • Start-up and commissioning
  • C&I Design - circuit diagrams, panel general arrangements, detail schedules, schematics/typicals.
  • Instrumentation drawing digitization and migration
  • Instrumentation engineering documentation
  • Remote instrument enclosures (RIEs) & panels

Our Front End Engineering Design phase of a project is conducted by applying standard industry procedures and best practises. We provide conceptual design and basic engineering development for appraisal to allow a detailed scope, schedule and cost estimate to be prepared as the basis of detailed design development. Our FEED services include:

  • Preliminary engineering & feasibility studies
  • Concept development
  • Site surveys & evaluation
  • Project & scope definition
  • Cost estimating & scheduling

For projects, new or upgrades, we ensure the application of the general principles of project engineering associated with multi-discipline projects such as planning, change control, cost control, resourcing etc. to ensure timely and high quality delivery.

Remote Monitoring

We provide Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) Controllers solutions for monitoring and controlling a wide variety of local and remote application requirements ranging from oil and gas applications such as pipelines, wellhead and valve stations, tank levels, to environmental monitoring applications. Our solutions are suitable for harsh and extreme industrial environments. Our RTU solutions can include the traditional PLC features, built-in Modbus RTU (master/slave) communication protocol, serial communication and connections for various local HMI user interfaces. From maximum flexibility to tailored fit-for-purpose designs, we have the right RTU for your application. Our RTU solutions can communicate using:

  • TETRA-RTU (TETRA Terrestrial Trunked Radio Network)
  • Ethernet, Wi-Fi, RS-485, RS-232
  • GSM-RTU (GSM / GPRS Network)
  • Radio-RTU (Radio modem UHF / VHF network)

Our capabilities include:

  • Remote monitoring services (design, configuration and implementation)
  • Data acquisition

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